The Journal of Couch Chemistry is a celebration of the work of students completing the Year 10 Couch Chemistry Course at Rosebud Secondary College, Victoria, Australia.

Couch Chemistry is a semester long subject which explores the scientific disciplines of Chemistry and Psychology. Through project-based learning, students have been working to complete an Extended Investigation based on the Key Question:

What are the effects of drugs on the brain and therefore X?

They could choose to focus on any drug and an X which represented a social issue important to them and relevant to the side affects of the drug.

Students were asked to present their work in two parts, a:
  1. Scientific journal article
  2. Public education piece
Topics covered in the unit include: Psychology of Learning, Scientific Method, Atomic Structure and Bonding, Chemical Reactions, Organic Chemistry, the Brain and the Endocrine System.

The students would welcome your comments on their articles. If you have any questions feel free to contact Adam Vardanega.